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10+ Scholarships for International Students in Canada  | 2021 List

Are you a foreign national pursuing higher education in Canada? You can apply for various types of scholarships for international students in Canada made available by the government, universities, or NGOs.

You can study in Canada with fully funded or partially funded scholarships.  The Government of Canada and universities in Canada offer scholarships to international students and local citizens every year and we have listed here some of the best PhD Scholarships in Canada, Masters Scholarships in Canada, Scholarships at the Bachelor’s level.

This esteemed North American country attracts thousands of international students every year, and for good reason.  However, what is not considered great is the cost of studying there.  The tuition fee is quite high, and in some major cities, the cost of living can be quite expensive as well.  The high cost of living often hinders international students to study abroad.

This is where this guide to Canada Scholarships for International Students comes in.  There are a lot of government-funded opportunities that students can apply for in addition to scholarship funds from universities.

Mostly, you can either choose to search for the financing options that the home country offers to students who plan to study abroad.  In this case, you can contact the Department of Immigration, Home Affairs, or Foreign Affairs in your country.  You can also take advantage of government, non-governmental or institutional scholarships to study in Canada.

  Why study in Canada

Canada boasts 96 universities spread across its urban and regional regions, most of which are very welcome to international students.  Interestingly, there are two national languages.  English is spoken in most of the western side and French in the eastern province of Quebec.  If you want to broaden your horizons as an ESL or FSL student, Canada is the place!

That is if you don’t mind winters.  As anywhere in the world, people are reflections of their environment.  From British Columbia’s rugged mountain ranges to vast underground shopping centers connected to subway stations, Canadians and international students alike are embracing what a burden to some as a source of purity, generosity, and outstanding standards of higher education.

10+ scholarships for international students in Canada

Here is a wide range of scholarships available for international students looking to study in Canada.

·         Megamind Founder’s Scholarship



31 January 2021

The Megamind Founder Scholarship Program was established in 2020 by the Megamind Education Center.  Megamind Education Center is proud to offer an exceptional educational program for students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12, Abacus Mental Math, and an accredited private high school program.  This scholarship program awards a one-time scholarship of $ 1000 to a student who writes the best short story or informative text for children.  Please visit the website for more details.


  • Must be a permanent resident of Canada.
  • Should be in grades 8-12.

  Benefits – 1000 dollars



·         International Excellence Scholarships at Laurentian University


Up to $60,000

1 April 2021

The key to choosing the right university for you is finding a place that speaks to you – one where you feel comfortable, receive the support you need, and that will put you on the path to success.  The host university is on a mission to help you achieve your educational, professional and personal goals by making education at a Canadian university more accessible than ever!  The scholarships recognize academic achievements and are awarded based on average acceptance.


The scholarships are limited to students studying in open undergraduate programs.  Excluded programs include: architecture, education, forensic science, human kinesiology, mechanical engineering, midwifery, nursing, orthopedics, radiotherapy, social work, and sports management.

  Benefits – Up to $ 60,000 in total depends on your average, see the link for details.



Cash Scholarship for Grade 12 Students in Canada



30 May 2021

Wize is providing a cash grant of $ 1,000 to support high school students amid COVID-19.  This prestigious award is designated to Canadian students currently in grade 12, and is intended to support the transition into post-secondary life.


  • A student in the twelfth grade of high school in Canada
  • Planning to go to college or university next year

  Benefits – A student obtaining the scholarship will receive 1,000 Canadian dollars (CAD).



·         Admanski Entrance International Scholarship at University of Waterloo



1 February 2021

One scholarship of $ 2,500 is awarded annually to a full-time undergraduate student entering the first year in a mathematics college on the basis of academic excellence.  This is made possible by a donation from John Admanski to recognize the outstanding achievement of a student who entered the Faculty of Mathematics.


  • Academic performance
  • Admission Information Form (AIF)
  • Competition results as administered by CEMC

  Benefits – 2500 dollars



·         Haywood Hunt & Associates Inc. Scholarship

Master, Bachelor, PhD, Course


31 August 2021

This scholarship is available to Canadian students, and the selected student will be awarded a scholarship of 1250 Canadian dollars for their education!


  • Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or another legal status that allows them to study in Canada.
  • You have been accepted or registered in a Canadian college or university for the academic year 2021/2022.

  Benefits – The selected student will be awarded a grant of 1250 Canadian dollars for his education!



·         International Baccalaureate (IB) Excellence Awards in Canada



15 February 2021

The prestigious host university is one of the top research-intensive medical doctoral universities in Canada and is home to world-leading research in areas of global importance, such as water, food security, and infectious disease.


International students (non-Canadian citizens paying differential fees) who attend any college will be considered direct entry into the U of S for the International Student Scholarship.

Benefits – A one-time grant of $ 10,000 CAD.



·         Jim Bennett Entrance International Scholarship in Canada



15 January 2021

The Endowment Supporting Jim Bennett Entry Scholarship was created in 2019 with a generous gift from Jim Bennett.  One entry scholarship will be offered annually in the fall semester to students who enter SFU from Holy Cross Regional High School (Surrey, BC) with scores in the range of 90% or 31 International Baccalaureate (IB) points and are accepted into a bachelor’s degree program at any college.

Eligibility- Students are selected on the basis of academic excellence and demonstrate exceptional achievements such as contributions to school or community life.

Benefits – 2500 dollars

Application – Only eligible applicants from the Undergraduate Scholarships competition will be considered for this opportunity.  Please follow the steps to apply online through the undergraduate scholarship application portal.



·         Huron at Western University International Entrance Scholarships in Canada

Master, Bachelor

Up to $15.000

15 May 2021

Huron is committed to rewarding academic excellence and community service.  The scholarships are renewable each year at Huron provided the student maintains a minimum 80% average in 5.0 courses during the regular semester.

Eligibility – Amount based on academic results.

 Benefits – Between $ 4,000 to $ 60,000 over four years ($ 1,000 to $ 15,000 annually), depending on their academic results.


No supplementary application is required for this scholarship, you will be automatically evaluated for international entry grants during the application process for any Huron program and any scholarships awarded will be mentioned in your offer of admission letter.

After receiving an offer of admission, international students can also submit an optional supplementary application form to demonstrate leadership, community participation, and extra-curricular achievement, to be considered for an increase in the International Entrance Scholarship.




·   Canadian Mennonite University Science Merit International Awards in Canada



28 February 2021

Each year, CMU recognizes outstanding students in the sciences who wish to pursue a Bachelor of Science program by offering two merit awards (up to a maximum of $ 6,000; $ 1,500 annually up to four years).

Eligibility – Excel in science

 Benefits -Maximum value 6000 dollars; $ 1,500 a year up to four years


Students applying for these scholarships must submit a nomination letter from a science teacher and write an essay of 2-3 paragraphs (about 250 words) answering a question submitted by CMU’s College of Science.



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